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The House on Camino Ratama..... (PDF)
The two main characters, Case and Catarina, have met briefly prior to this encounter.  Case is coming to the barrio to teach CPR at the request of Catarina's brother Sixto after having saved 10-year-old Alberto from drowning.  The scene begins in the humble home of Mexican migrant workers. 

Dancing at Padre..... (PDF)
Everyone, including Catarina, calls Case "El Gringo."  They only go on one date throughout the story.....they go to South Padre Island.

Finding Catarina..... (PDF)
Catarina has banished Case from her life.  She said, "No," and she meant it.  Case decides to appeal to her one last time.

Is This a Sin..... (PDF)
Have you ever found yourself facing unexpected temptation when no one would ever know?