Questions for Discussion

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Touch The Mayan Moon

  1. Have you ever been “struck by lightning” when you met someone?  Can you describe it?  What happened to the relationship?
  2. Case and Catarina were from different worlds.  Why do you suppose they were drawn to each other?
  3. Have you ever been trapped in a relationship with the wrong person?  What sacrifices did you make?  What harm did it do to you?
  4. Do you think Catarina’s fears about being controlled by men were justified?
  5. Can meeting someone change your dreams?  Has it ever happened to you?
  6. Have you ever found something very valuable?  If you found something like Catarina “found” what would you do?
  7. What secondary characters would you use in a sequel?  How do you see the story playing out?

For More Serious Discussion

  1. How does the life of today’s undocumented worker differ from Catarina’s? 
  2. Have you ever shared a holiday with a person of another race and culture?  How did it change you?
  3. In the Mexican culture, the elderly, like Abuelita, are held in great respect.  Is this true in American culture in general?
  4. How did the character’s struggles mirror the struggles of the changing times?
  5. Have you ever know someone with dyslexia?  What were the symptoms?  How did the person cope?
  6. We have millions of illiterate people in this country. Have you ever volunteered to work in a local literacy program? 

Especially For Men

  1. Did you have a gang of boys you “ran with” like Los Lobos?  Did you ever play practical jokes?
  2. Men are often in a quandary as to where to take a woman on a first date.  Do you think Case made the right choice?  Would you have made the same one?
  3. Have you ever learned something from a friend that paid off as dramatically as Sixto’s learning how to drive or learning CPR from Case?
  4. Have you ever been outranked in terms of wealth, position and family and still decided to “compete for the girl?"
  5. Have you ever read anything that described love making from the woman’s point of view?  Were you curious?  What did you think?