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“No book mark needed here! WOW is pretty much my reaction to reading this novel.  I loved the story line, the characters, the setting, and the suspense.  --- CS

“Suspenseful, Intense, Sexy, ...everywhere I go, I am asking myself if that beautiful, intelligent, and strong willed woman might be Catarina de la Alvarado.” --- WG

“Descriptive details woven into the tale which illuminate the Tex Mex culture of the Texas border region gives this book a dimension of maturity, color, and harsh reality.  I was taken by the male characters--they thought like men, they acted like men, they screwed up like men…” --- MS

“I had not read for a long while, this book made me want to start reading againTouch The Mayan Moon grabbed my interest at the start and held on through the entire book.” --- KJ

“Well crafted, fast paced novel with brave, memorable characters.  The conclusion is satisfying, but at the same time, makes me want more, more, more of this story.” --- LH

“It’s amazing how Susan told the story capturing another cultural point of view.” --- CR

“Lots of surprises.  I felt like I was reading a book by one of the ‘big guys’” --- SH

“I liked this book...I can predict "Touch The Mayan Moon" will reach out to you and not let you go.” --- EC

I couldn’t put it down.  There has to be a sequel.” --- FP

“Once I started reading this book, I didn't want to put it down until I finished it!  Couldn't wait to see what the next page or the next chapter would bring.  This is a must read.” --- PB

Susan's description of life in South Texas and Mexico is "right on".  This was a great read.” --- SP

“I loved the way details about the Valley and culture were woven in.” ---JG

“Romance, suspense and history…characters you can relate to and care about.  Great work Susan” --- LG

“I loved the characters and I didn’t want the story to be over!” --- MB

“Suspense, humor, romance, dynamic characters and a tightly drawn plot, a delight to read.” ---EB

“An irresistible good twisting story with island charm” --- DB